Nebraska Prescribed Fire Council
"Bringing Together Nebraska Landowners Who Use Prescribed Burning "
The History of NPFC

"Burning Across Nebraska: Landowners Helping Landowners with Prescribed Burning"

     The Nebraska Prescribed Fire Council was formed by landowners for the purpose of promoting the common good and general welfare for the people in Nebraska by educating, training, and practicing safe prescribed burn techniques that reduce or eliminate invasive species and fuel load build-up in open spaces, providing fire protection and/or prevention from wild or unexpected fires in and near these open places.  The council orginated from landowners, prescribed burn associations, conservation agencies, and other individuals/organizations who want to increase the use of prescribed burning as a valuable land management practice and have the ability for state recognition.  The NPFC would also provide landowners and prescribed burn associations access to organizational technical assistance and advocacy in order to promote the safe and effective use of prescribed fire as a natural resources management tool.
     During the 1st Annual NPFC meeting on December 1, 2015 the by-laws for the group were introduced to the public who attended the 2015 Precribed Fire Conference.  The Board of Directors were established from the initial organizational committee, composing of 7 landowners and 6 agency representatives serving as advisory members.  Officers for the Board of Directors were announced with Scott Stout as President, Denny Oelschlager as Vice-President, Harlan Grunden as Treasurer, and Dale Ruehling as Secretary.  Membership and committee involvement in the NPFC was announced during the meeting and received particulary well by conference attendees. 
     The Nebraska Prescribed Fire Council meets periodically throughout the year to work towards achieving the goals that were identified during the 3rd Annual Prescribed Fire Conference.  Membership enrollment and committee involvement will be the immediate short term goal, while working towards the overall purpose of the NPFC.  The council will strive to provide and outlet for prescribed fire practitioners to exchange ideas within the state, regionally, and nationally.  Initiate involvement with other state's burn associations.  Provide advocacy for prescribed fire practitioners including policy, legislation, and liability changes.  Most importantly they will help increase knowledge of safe fire practices through research, training, and outreach.

Current and Recent Past Board Officers

These dedicate individuals have committed to helping Nebraska's landowners apply prescribed fire safely and effectively through the NPFC.
2019 Officers:
President - Scott Stout
Vice-President - Tucker Thompson
Treasurer - Harlan Grunden
Secretary - Roger Hanke

2018 Officers:
President - Scott Stout
Vice-President - Syd Kite
Treasurer - Harlan Grunden
Secretary - Roger Hanke
2017 Officers:
President - Scott Stout
Vice-President - Denny Oelschlager
Treasurer - Harlan Grunden
Secretary - Roger Hanke